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Sensual Bodywork/ Mutual Touch

​The perfect way to start things off as it gives the opportunity for us to become comfortable in each others company. Enjoyable for sure and definitely relaxing....





The Nuru is only available to established friends. It is performed with genuine Nuru gel always. A steamy hot shower is always required before and offered after. I am a trained Nuru goddess. 



Vanilla Touch

vanilla touch while still a wonderful bodywork session its non sensual and more geared towards a specific uncomfortable area (maybe long hr's in an upright position is wreaking havoc on your lower back)(or maybe you run or bike a lot and would just love the pleasure of your legs receiving some tlc)Many scenario's could apply, just keep in mind I will never promise to fix or repair any ailment's nor refer you to look into treatment. If you have serious issues please seek other help



From experience I have noticed some people like to request a vanilla session to first meet and get an in-person feel for me and my space ;) 

Add on Services +

Fetish Request/ Come prepared/ ask me in person/ most request I can fulfill, some I can not

Outfit Request/ Huge collection of outfits at studio

Costume Play/ A building collection-open to ideas and purchase requests

​Energy Mini/ introduction/ If interested ask me and I will explain in person/Full Energy Bodywork coming soon

If you ever feel the desire to surprise me with a small token of your appreciation....

Fresh flowers

Scented candles

Gift cards

Red wines (Cabernet, Merlot)

Music/Cd mix

Paperback books

Will be highly welcomed.....​​

Tipping by definition is always optional and never mandatory. I do not rely on tips, however it is not uncommon to show your appreciation by offering a small token after the session is complete even if just affirmation that the session was all that you hoped and desired it to be. Gratitude is the highest form of a thank you......

​​ No Offer Of FullService's.........